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I had the privilege of working with Jim since the mid 1980s. This was early in my consulting career and it became obviously very quickly why Jim was successful managing the largest and by all counts most respected Chrysler Corporation dealer in the network. The differentiators that set Jim apart were:

– Consistency – the basic guiding principals never changed with Jim
– Accountability – not only did he hold those around him accountable but held himself to an even higher standard
– Fairness – Jim was always fair with his team – not always easy, but always fair
– Visionary – Jim always seems to see more and see it before his peers

I have since teamed with Jim on consulting projects and the values that he espoused in his management career he now inspires in others. He is a true expert in behavior styles and how they impact a company and the team. He is also amazing in his ability to empower and improve teams. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Jim will come away “better than when they began the experience.”

Dean Estep, The Change Agent

Managing Partner, Next Level Automotive Group

Jim has been a sterling asset to LECMPA as a consultant, advisor and member of our Board of Trustees. We are a non-profit specialty insurance company, operating in 48 states, with an independent sales force of approximately 400, also in all states. Jim’s experience in management and leading sales forces has been invaluable to the company and to me personally. He has taught me appreciate and capitalize on differences in our teams and has demonstrated great passion for our non-profit status and history of service. His knowledge of DiSC assessments and sales experience has given our sales force useful tools and insights into both sales and team dynamics. We recommend Jim’s services to any organization seeking to become more cohesive, more appreciative of one another, and more successful..

Susan Tukel

President, LECMPA

He has been a pillar of strength since my father’s passing. He is not afraid to speak the truth. He is a great teacher who I consider one of my closest friends. He has guided me through some very choppy waters with my siblings and we are all much better off because he tells it as he sees it. He is a true mentor for me. He is a great leader that demands results. I have great love for the man who calls himself Jim Simpson. You are a very important person in Tec 11.

Tom Fabri

President, Commercial Building Maintenance

I wanted to take a minute and say thanks for all the effort you have put in with our recent hiring push. With your help customizing the PXT to be tailored to our unique needs we have been able to find the right fits for each position.

Chris Lamphear

President of LL Custom Contracting Inc.

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