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Executive Coaching may be just what you are looking for.

Our Professional Services include Executive coaching, which is about focus and development. It’s about executive performance, movement, and growth. It’s about increasing your leadership presence and impact.

For over 35 years, J Simpson & Associates has been using these professional services to help business owners create highly efficient teams that lead to remarkable results. He helps companies turn proficiency into profitability and prosperity.

Executive Coaching

Jim has over 29 years experience as a consultant, trainer and coach.  He works with company owners, executives and management teams to enhance communications, engagement and team building.  This leads to a more productive work environment and increased profitability.  He works with clients in person and has amassed over 4000 hours of one-to-one coaching.


Strategic Planning

Jim’s approach to strategic planning begins with an “Accountability Chart”.  He will meet with you to understand where your company is today and what you want it to look like in the future.  He then works with you to chart a plan on how to get there, based on the needs of the company, not individual team members.  You reduce the goal into achievable segments and put the plan into action.


Everything DiSC is a family of research-validated assessments that provides in-depth personal insight for individuals at all levels of an organization.  DiSC provides a common language to help team members understand their own behavior and the behavior of others so that all team members can interact more effectively.

effective hiring techniques

Finding and retaining great employees is a real challenge in today’s labor market and it will continue to get even more challenging.  Jim has developed a system which has proven to work well in companies who are willing to put some effort into it. 

The system includes an accurate job description, the creation of a career path and an active mentoring system.  Jim also has access to the most effective hiring and training instrument available today-the PXT Select.

Using a combination of these hiring skills in an effective manner can help eliminate your hiring difficulties.

Team Building

Jim takes team building to the next level with the tools that he utilizes. Whether it’s
working with large automotive groups or a nation wide insurance company, Jim brings
teams together to work more efficiently. Using Lencioni’s book, “5 dysfunctions of a team”
we are able to break down how the team is working together currently and what areas are
needed to be worked on. We work step-by-step with you and your team to help focus on
the problems such as lack of trust or unproductive conflict, to better understand the
situation. Then we create an atmosphere built around a fun and exciting work
environment where everyone achieves success.


As a Certified Trainer and expert in the DiSC Behavioral Instrument Program, Jim uses this proven tools to help each Team Member excel

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