Our approach to working with individuals and teams has been developed through years of experience. Our solution-based approach is effective in 1-2-1 coaching as well as team development. We integrate:

Effective Hiring Practices

Hiring the right person for the job is the first step in creating your “Dream Team”, and it’s not a guessing game. We can teach you an effective hiring system to achieve your goals.

Instrumented Behavioral Testing

Jim is a Certified, award-winning proponent of the Inscape Publishing DiSC behavioral assessment system. This assures your candidate has the appropriate behavior to be successful in his role.

Position Responsibilities

Jim believes in creating “accountability charts” not organizational charts. The job responsibilities and requirements should be set before the appropriate team member for that job is chosen.

Process Design and Management

There must be written processes for critical tasks to achieve maximum performance.

Delegation Skills

Delegation is one of the most important and overlooked tools, and is essential in creating high-performance teams.

Performance Based Compensation Plans

Create pay plans to achieve the results you are seeking, while inspiring team-member to achieve stretch goals.

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